1) Therapy with Elders

My career has incorporated a vast array of experiences and trainings to include body-centered psychotherapy, short-term solution-focused counseling, trauma treatment, energy medicine and mindfulness training.

I am able to offer telehealth sessions throughout the state of California.

2) Military

I have worked for a number of years with active-duty military on bases throughout the world.  I have a keen understanding and appreciation for the issues that military families face.  Through psycho-education, trauma treatment, sensitization, and communication I can provide tools for communication and healing.

3) Spiritual Development

Hand-in-hand with personal and psychological development comes spiritual exploration and growth.  Through my studies with a variety of teachers and practices, I am able to share the wisdom and tools from these teachings.  I am happy to share reading lists of books and teachers who have inspired me.  I do not adhere to any religion but welcome them all.