My career has incorporated a vast array of experiences and trainings to include body-centered psychotherapy, short-term solution-focused counseling, trauma treatment, energy medicine, mindfulness training, relationship counseling, and life coaching. I work with issues such as PTSD and trauma, low self-esteem, coping skills, aging and loss, anxiety and depression, parenting, skills, couple and family dynamics.

I am able to offer long-distance coaching and therapy via phone and tele-therapy to California residents.


I have worked for a number of years with active duty military on bases throughout the world.  I have a keen understanding and appreciation for the issues that military families face.  Relationships may be especially challenged due to the unique stressors that are placed onto military couples.  Through psycho-education, trauma treatment, sensitization, and communication I can provide tools to improve well-being and healing.


Loss and the grief that comes with it are a normal part of life.  This may include the loss of a family member, a pet, a job, a relationship, our mental and physical capacities, or simply disillusionment with the world as we know it.  I have worked closely with HIV/AIDS devastation in families and cultures and have led healing groups for scores of people who have suffered trauma and loss. Grief is not meant to be experienced in isolation but to be shared and supported as long as is necessary.

Spiritual Development

Hand-in-hand with personal and psychological development  comes spiritual exploration and growth.  Through my studies with a variety of spiritual teachers and practices, I am able to share the wisdom and tools from these teachings. People who have informed and influenced my understanding of myself and mental health include Carl Jung, Miguel Ruiz (author of Four Agreements), Eckhart Tolle, and Gangaji.  I am happy to share reading lists of books and teachers who have inspired me.  I do not adhere to any religion but welcome them all.